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The exciting adventure 2021/08/10

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Hi ,我是陳冠碩

I Went for a walk . I found a really small dog that was so small that I took it all the way home. I put it in my bedroom.To my amazement ,it began to jump. I was happy. I put it in my box. I showed it to all my brothers. I decided to feed it in a box and wrap it up with wrapping paper. I gave it to Boris my brother present.when he opened it, he was shocked.He shouted,thank you !

This is the best gift I’ve ever had!

希望大家喜歡 掰掰

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You need more practice my dear Brandon. Do not fear tiredness. Every successful professional needs practice, practice and more practice, by Micheal Jordan.

Gefällt mir


Gefällt mir
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