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My name is Dino Your Heart

Make you hand into a fist,Now,look at it.That is about the size of your heart ,Your heart is a strong pump.It works all the time Right now , it is beating about 90 times a minute.When you run,it beats about 150 times a minute.Inside,your heart has four

spaces .The two spaces on the top are called atria. The is where blood is pumped into the heart.The two spaces on the bottom are called ventricles. This is where blood is pumped out of the heart.The blood is pumped to every part of your body.How? Open and close your fist.See how it tightens and loosens? The heart muscle tightens and loosens, too .This is how it pumps blood.中文翻譯

把你的手握成拳頭,現在,看看它。那大約是你心臟的大小,你的心臟是一個強大的泵。它一直在工作 現在,它每分鐘跳動 90 次左右。當你跑步時, 它每分鐘跳動大約 150 次。在裡面,你的心臟有四個

空間。頂部的兩個空間稱為心房。 這是血液被泵入心臟的地方。底部的兩個空間稱為心室。 這是血液從心臟泵出的地方。血液被泵送到你身體的每個部位。如何? 打開和關閉你的拳頭。看看它是如何收緊和放鬆的? 心肌也會收緊和鬆弛。這就是它泵血的方式。

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