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A 2 Class Syllabus

Welcome to A2 class.  Here you will using American School Textbook to learn the following: school rules, community, citizenship, holidays, flags, basic government, environments, science, animals, habitats, weather, water cycle, systems of our body, basic math. It will be fun. 

Month 1
From Sep. first
to Sep. thirtieth.

Songs to warm up the class. 

Basic grammar: be verbs and subject agreement.

Unit one, basic pronunciation and translation of the vocabulary. 

Understand questions and answers; how to answer them. 

Spelling of the vocabulary. Reading and writing of Unit one. 

Month 2
From Oct. 1
to Oct. 31.

Songs to start the class. 

Grammar focus on: be verbs and question patterns. Sentence structure will be practiced. 

Review Unit 1.

Unit 2, Vocabulary practice and spelling. Numbers and colors spelling. Reading and questions practice. 

Month 3
From Nov. 1
to Nov. 30.


Get to Know Us

Songs songs songs.

Grammar on helping verbs and how they are used in a sentence.

Spelling quiz.

Unit one and two review and teach unit three.

More on the questions and answers. 

More phonics  practice. 

Month 4
From Dec. 1 st
to Dec. 31th.

Unit 3 review and teach unit 4.

Spelling review on unit 3. Practice on vocabulary in a sentence.

At the fourth month the students are overwhelmed by the mass information they've learned in the last three months. For them to have a solid ground on spelling and memorization, we have to use drill practice. If you understand the ESL and FSL teaching method, we have to use the FSL due to the environment the students are in. 

Basic pronunciation like reading out loud will continue and spelling, writing will also be practiced in the class for future development of our students' patience on learning a foreign language. 

Month 5      Jan 1 to Feb 1

Unit 5 Celebrating Holidays 
We will learn about why we celebrate holidays. 
Spelling quiz  helps students to memorize unit 5's vocabulary. 
Sentence pattern will be focused on helping verbs and more adjectives. 
Month 6
From February 1
to March 1.

Review unit 5 and learn unit 6.

We will read and understand the holiday traditions. 


Month 7

March 1 to April \1

Unit 7 and 8, review unit 6

Focus on the reason of a flag. 

Month 8
April 1 to May 1


Unit 9 and 10




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